Earth ScienceMost of the projects in this class are pretty self-explanatory and extra instructions are not needed. Most you can simply read the directions on Odyssey and figure out fairly quickly what you need to do to finish the assignment, but I still wanted to cover every subject in Science to ensure that each is properly represented. To this end, you will find helpful videos, links, and sometimes alternative solutions to any possible issues that might arise for you in this class. I hope you find the help you need here to do your best in Earth Science. If you find something that is more helpful to you that you would like to share with everyone else, please let me know.

Unit: 1 - Assignment: 5. Project: Doppler Effect
I believe you will find this video extremely helpful in understanding this concept. I did. Use it to help you answer the questions on this assignment and to think about what this effect says about our universe and it's future.

Unit: 1 - Assignment: 10. Project: Newton's Laws
Use these videos to help you understand Newton's three laws. Use this new understanding to answer the questions of the proposed experiment listed in this assignment.

Unit: 2 - Assignment: 7. Project: Clock of EonsFor this project, review this representation of the Clock of Eons.Geologic_clock.jpg
Then, research each eon to find out what major events in the evolution of everything we observe in life happened during each time period. Last, put yourself in the equation and create a Clock of You and describe all of the major events that have happened to make you who you are from the beginning of time. Where do you fit into all of this? Send me a picture of your clock when you are done.

Unit: 2 - Assignment: 11. Project: Greenhouse Effect
Watch this short video and research this subject on your own.

Then answer these questions in the text box provided by Odyssey.1. What effect (if any) do you think carbon dioxide emissions have on our climate?2. What has been the hottest year on record worldwide?3. Where does 2006 rank on the hottest years worldwide? What about 2010?4. What can you conclude about carbon dioxide emissions in today's atmosphere?

Unit: 5 - Assignment: 14. Project: Nuclear EnergyNuclear energy is a hot topic these days after the earthquakes in Japan. In this assignment, you will look into why it continues to be discussed and what both sides of the argument is. First, take a look at this video: warning, this video seems a lot like propaganda for the use of nuclear energy.

Now take a look at the other side of the argument. Do some more research on your own and then answer the questions listed on Odyssey.

Unit: 7 - Assignment: 8. Project: Ice Erosion Instead of doing the experiment as instructed on Odyssey for this assignment, watch this educational video and then describe any new information you have learned that you were unaware of before watching the video. Then explain how glaciers have helped create the topography or the face of our planet.

Unit: 8 - Assignment: 2. Project: Water PurificationSee what Bill Nye the Science Guy says about this subject:
286785.jpgThen explain why you think the water cycle of our planet is important to our survival.

Unit: 9 - Assignment: 4. Project: Layers of the AtmosphereHow is the Troposphere, the layer of the atmosphere where we live, like the oceans? To find out take a look at this model of our planet's atmosphere and this video:

Unit: 9 - Assignment: 8. Project: Solar EnergyWhat are some of the negative effects the Sun has on our planet? Why is this important to know? Watch this video and explain what you learned and your thoughts on this subject.

Unit: 11 - Assignment: 9. Project: Life Histories of StarsUse this video to answer the question for this assignment listed on Odyssey.
Now you are done with all of the major projects in this class that I think need more explanation. The rest we can sort through together. If you have questions about any of the other projects not listed on this page, let me know.