Chemistry - Unit: 1 - Assignment: 2. Report: Metric System
Who wants to do a report on the second assignment of the class? Not me! So instead, why don't you take the Metric vs. U.S. Standard Challenge.
Once you have challenged yourself, then watch this video and see how you did.

Then send me your results to complete this project.

Chemistry - Unit: 2 - Assignment: 10. Experiment: Using the Tyndall Effect to Identify Colloids
Watch this video:

Then answer the questions at the bottom of the assignment.

Chemistry - Unit: 3 - Assignment: 9. Project: Absolute Zero - Real of Theoretical?
Watch this video from NOVA and then try and answer as best as you can the two questions presented on this assignment.

Please relate your answers to what you observe in the video.

Chemistry - Unit: 4 - Assignment: 2. Experiment: Physical Properties of Elements
This will count for both this project and the next listed on Odyssey in this unit.Please watch the video below and fill out this movie review:
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Chemistry - Unit: 4 - Assignment: 13. Report: Fission Reactors
For this assignment, watch this debate video and then present your arguments.

Chemistry - Unit: 5 - Assignment: 9. Experiment: Demonstrating Polar Properties
To complete this assignment, Follow these directions:
Chemistry - Unit: 9 - Assignment: 3. Experiment: VolatilityWatch this video:Then answer the questions listed on this assignment for the three substances observed (don't worry about the mineral oil).

Chemistry - Unit. 10 - Assignment: 10. Experiment: Preparation of a Polymer
First watch this video:

Then make predictions for questions 1-4 for this assignment on Odyssey.Next, try it home and find out if you were right. Submit your predictions and results on Odyssey in the text box provided.

That's it for the major projects in this class. For the other projects not listed here, either follow the directions if you have all of the supplies and understand what to do, or ask me and I will let you know.