(and if you want a life after high school, you better get these done)
Biology (2010) - Unit: 1 - Assignment: 7. Project: The Scientific Methodscientific-method.jpgTo complete this project, do this lab. Send me the questions you are asked and your answers to all of them. Email works best.

Biology - Unit: 2 - Assignment: 4. Project: Static ElectricityFor this project, watch these two videos:
Then answer the questions on the assignment.

Biology - Unit: 3 - Assignment: 2. Project: Using a MicroscopeWatch this video:

Then answer these questions

Biology - Unit: 3 - Assignment: 6. Project: Plant and Animal CellsAnother video to watch:

Then answer these questions:

Biology - Unit: 3 - Assignment: 8. Experiment: OsmosisWatch this experiment:

Then respond to these questions

Biology - Unit: 4 - Assignment: 3. Project: Energy Laws Define each law of thermodynamics and provide an example of each to help explain your definitions. Use these videos to help:
Biology - Unit: 5 - Assignment: 6. Project: Fragmentation
Welcome to the world of the Planarian:

Now answer the question, why are these animals important? Give details and examples to explain specifically why scientists are interested in them and what they could mean for our species.

Biology - Unit: 5 - Assignment: 8. Project:Stage of Mitosis
Begin by watching this video of the stages of mitosis:

Then research the web and find an answer to this question: How does mitosis differ between a plant cell and an animal cell?

Biology - Unit: 8 - Assignment: 7. Project: Protozoan Cultures
Review this video of a drop of pond water under the microscope:

Then answer the questions listed at the bottom of the assignment on Odyssey.

Biology - Unit: 10 - Assignment: 15. Project:Digesting Fats
First, let's think about how digestion works.
Then, watch this video and think about different liquids react to one another:

Finally, watch this cool bubble experiment and relate it to cleaning oil spills:

Now answer the two questions on the assignment.

Biology - Unit: 11 - Assignment: 3. Project: Symbiosis
Follow the directions on this assignment. Choose one of the relationships listed and research it. Then explain the relationship in detail in at least 200 words. To help you out, here are three more examples you can use:

For all other projects, follow the directions on Odyssey or ask me for further directions if you do not understand the directions given or if you are lacking in one of the listed supplies necessary to complete the assignment.